Dr. Bretts Veterinary Dentistry Academy

43 RACE Credits

Registration Allows Unlimited Viewing On Any Device 24/7

Online Courses with 24/7 Unlimited Access

  • Secrets of Dental Success – 7 hours

  • Canine Dentistry – 8 hours

  • Feline Dentistry – 8 hours

  • Simple and Surgical Extractions – 7 hours

  • Veterinary Dental Radiographic Interpretation – 5 hours

  • Veterinary Dentistry for the Technician – 8 hours

Explanation of RACE CE

The online courses can be used by the veterinarian/s and by any of the staff in their practice for training. The CE associated with the online courses can be used by anyone in the practice one time. In other words for Canine Dentistry, all 8 hours has to be used by one person who takes the test and the CE is awarded to him/her upon completion of a simple, brief online test. If there is only one veterinarian and they don’t need all 41 CE hours they can take the test in the year that they want the CE hours.

All online courses and member benefits are available immediately upon registration to the entire hospital staff.

I look forward to having you onboard.


Additional Benefits

  1. Group Forum on Google + as a Private Community to post radiographs, cases and questions where I will consult and others can comment without judgement and offer answers as well. This group is very active and one of the best liked features.

  2. Academy only resource section for members to share forms, images and resources that can be used for client ed, staff training, practice enhancement, marketing etc.

  3. Resource sections with bonus material for each course.

  4. Realtime Radiographic/Image question evaluation during your procedures via text with Dr. Beckman.

  5. Sixty minute interactive live video mastermind conferences held every month plus replays of all of the monthly mastermind conferences since May 2015.

  6. Strategic consultation with Dr. Beckman on building the veterinary dentistry service within the practice.

  7. 10% Discount on all live courses: Live Courses

  8. Dr. Beckman's Veterinary Dental Radiographic Positioning Guide

  9. 30 day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee