Veterinary Dental Headloupe

These loupes are my recommendation for all of my students.

Quality lenses and frames at less than half the price of the high end lenses with near comparable resolution. I recommend 3.5 for dentistry however magnification of 2.5 and 3.0 is also acceptable.

NOTE: All out of country tax & duty fees will be billed directly to purchaser upon delivery.

The Vet Loupes Vet Dental Pro Veterinary Dentistry Loupe & Light Combination

We recommend the all-inclusive Custom Loupe & Light package with 3.0 Magnification for Canine and 3.5 Magnification for Feline Dentistry.

  • TTL Custom Loupes ( Through The Lens )

    TTL Loupes are designed and manufactured with the barrel of the Loupe mounted through the safety lens to position Loupe barrel as close to the pupil of your eye as possible resulting in an increase of depth and clarity.

  • Hard Case

    Protect your new investment with this Hard Metal case that has room for your new Loupe, Light, Battery, Charger, and all the attachments.

  • Dental Light & Battery

    We offer a powerful 70,000 Lux Dental Light that offers 4 power settings. Battery is designed to last 5 -7 years with daily use. USB charger, Filter, and all attachments. We designed our Dental Light with convenience and sterility in mind. We positioned the on/off switch so that your elbow can switch the power on and off easily thus reducing the need to re glove throughout your procedures.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Vet Loupes come with a no questions asked Lifetime Warranty. Invest in your new set of Loupes worry free.