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Veterinary Dental Headloupe
Light and Metal Case

The Veterinary Dental Flip-Up Loupe and Dental Light are perfectly suited to veterinarians (Universal Fit) for dentistry and other surgical procedures.

After searching for years for a better alternative to "Exhibit Hall" loupes I finally found this loupe that offers superior optics in a flip-up. We use these in all of our labs and I recommend them to my students.

NOTE: All out-of-country tax & duty fees will be billed directly to the purchaser upon delivery.
  • 2.5 Magnification

  • Available in a White, Black, Red, Blue, or Green colored frame.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Metal case with handle securely holds your new 2.5 Flip-Up Style  Loupe, Dental Light, Charger, Battery, and all the attachments.

 **Please allow 7-10 days for Flip-Up delivery. **

How to measure the Working Distance

  1. Take a seat at your table. Look slightly down at your "patient" with the spine comfortably erect.

  2. With your elbows bent at 85-90 degrees.

  3. Place your fingers close to where they would be when working on a patient.

  4. Ask a helper to measure the of inches from the bridge of your nose to the middle your hand.

  5. Choose the following working length for your loupes in the dropdown

The Veterinary Dental Loupe & Light Combination

The Veterinary Dental Loupe offers you superior magnification providing you an ultra-clear large field of view. The Flip-Up Style Loupes are comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic, easy to adjust, and offer a universal fit.

These loupes are very popular among Veterinarians that need to position themselves for multiple-sized patients throughout the day.

The Flip-Up style Loupe offers you the flexibility to flip down the magnification over the safety glass when needed for extractions or increased clarity during the procedure.

The 70,000 Lux Dental Light has 4 power settings providing up to 13 hours of continual use.

For all VDP and IVDI colleagues, students, and followers of Veterinary Dentistry, Dr. Beckman recommends the Veterinary Pro Professional in 3.0 or 3.5 Magnification Custom
TTL ( Through The Lens ) Loupe offered by Vet Loupes.

Please contact Michael J. Finley at Vet Loupes for a personal fitting which can be done in person or remote. Mike will walk you through the process and build you a perfect pair of Loupes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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