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Veterinary Dental Headloupe

These loupes are my recommendation for all of my students.

The “Veterinary Dentist Professional” Flip Up Style Loupe and Dental Light combination offers you the perfect combination to perform your successful prophylaxis procedures
daily in your dental suite.

NOTE: All out of country tax & duty fees will be billed directly to purchaser upon delivery.

  • 2.5 Magnification

  • Available in a Silver, Black, or Pink colored frame.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Metal case with handle for the VDP Loupe, Dental Light, Charger, Battery, and all the attachments.

How to measure the Working Distance

Please see the image for proper orientation.

  1. Take a seat at your table. Look slightly down at your "patient" with the spine comfortably erect.

  2. With your elbows bent at 85-90 degrees.

  3. Place your fingers close to where they would be when working on a patient.

  4. Ask a helper to measure the of inches from the bridge of your nose to the middle your hand.

  5. Choose the following working length for your loupes in the dropdown

The Vet Loupes Vet Dental Pro Veterinary Dentistry Loupe & Light Combination

The VDP Loupe offers you superior magnification providing you an ultra-clear large field of view. Our Flip Up Style Loupes are comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic, easy to adjust, and offer a universal fit.

These loupes are very popular among Veterinarians that need to position themselves for multiple size patients throughout the day. The Flip Up style Loupe offers you the flexibility to flip down the magnification over the safety glass when needed for extractions or increased clarity during the procedure.

The 70,000 Lux Dental Light has 4 power settings providing for you a variety of intensity. The battery runs for 13 hours uninterrupted before needing recharging.

  1. Are your cheaters not cutting it anymore?
    - Optical Loupes are the simple solution for enhanced magnification for Doctors who are using store bought cheaters. As your vision digresses your natural tendency is to move closer to your patient. This will only cause more back and neck pain along with fatigue. A custom Optical Loupe is the solution.
  2. Do you suffer from back and neck pain performing in your Dental suite?
    - Veterinary Dentistry can be complicated with the different size patients that you see. Enhanced magnification from an Optical Loupe is the main benefit but better ergonomics can be equally important. An Optical Loupe is designed to have a specific range of clear vision. The reason for this is the Loupe is designed to keep you in a good ergonomic position with your shoulders and neck fully supporting your head in a slightly tilted position. Doctors who wear Loupes find relief not only from vision strain but also less fatigue and reduced back and neck pain.
  3. Loupes are too expensive. I can't afford them.
    - Partly true. That's why Dr. Beckman and the IVDI team have sought out a reputable Loupes manufacturer that offers an affordable price point with almost as good quality as the higher end brands that cost over $2,000 if not $3,000 dollars. We offer a Loupe and Dental Light package for well under $1,000 Flip Up Loupe and Dental Light combination for $745.00 Custom Loupe and Dental Light for $995.00.