Extracting Root Tips in Dogs and Cats

How do we quickly and effectively remove a fractured root tips? That's a question that we all run into. Everybody fractures root tips.

I am not alone in that. I know you guys probably do that as well, I do it every week. Once we have those root tips, we got to know how to get those out. This is a video that will demonstrate that.

Upon extraction I fractured the mesial root on this maxillary right fourth premolar. You can see the root tip just to the right of the central portion of that root.

What we’ll need to do is come back here with our cross cut tapered fissure bur and remove more of the vestibular bone.

Increase the groove depth on the distal and mesial aspect and actually as you see there, we’re kind of going up underneath on the coronal portion of the root tip just to release it from the bone a little further.

Once we complete that we’ll be able to come in with our luxator and remove it. This is really easy to do in most of the maxillary teeth.

Mandibular teeth you can’t get quite to the apex but, you can get close and there's the final result.

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