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Dr. Brett Beckman, Board Certified Veterinary Dentist in Orlando & Atlanta

Dr. Brett Beckman is a board-certified veterinary dental specialist and offers live and online veterinary dentistry courses. He sees patients in Orlando & Atlanta.

A 1987 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University, he is past president of the American Veterinary Dental Society. Dr. Beckman is a Diplomate in the American Veterinary Dental College and the American Academy of Pain Management making him the only person in the world with these credentials. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in the field of veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and pain management.

Dr. Beckman is a world renowned speaker and is the founder of the International Veterinary Dentistry Institute and the Veterinary Dental Practitioners Program.  The VDP Program provides training and assessment for veterinarians to qualify them to provide top-quality oral care for their patients. Through VDP program, veterinarians can now master the knowledge and skills required to be considered among the best general practices in the world in dentistry and oral surgery.

He and Lecia, his best friend and wife of 41 years, and their amazing 38-year-old daughter Lauren enjoy gardening, cooking, nature photography, hiking, fitness, and golf.


2004 – Candidate for the American Veterinary Medical Association/Delta Society national award for Veterinarian of the Year

2007 – Alumnus of the Year by the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

2010 – Honored by his peers and Pfizer Animal Health as the Fellow of the Year for the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry for his contribution to education in the field of veterinary dentistry.

2012 – Received the prestigious Miltex Award of Excellence in Veterinary Dentistry.

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