Veterinary Dental Instruments Concave 1.3 mm Canine Deciduous Luxator Elevator

Introducing the Veterinary Dental Instruments Concave 1.3 mm Canine Deciduous Luxator Elevator - the ideal tool for veterinarians performing deciduous tooth extractions on dogs and cats. This premium veterinary dental instrument features a precisely engineered concave 1.3 mm tip, perfectly sized and shaped for gently elevating and luxating canine deciduous teeth while preserving the surrounding tissue.

Crafted from the highest-quality German stainless steel, this luxator elevator offers superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance for reliable long-term use. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort and control during dental procedures.

Whether you are a veterinary dental specialist or general practitioner, this canine deciduous tooth luxator is a must-have addition to your veterinary dentistry kit. Elevate your dental capabilities and provide the best care for your canine and feline patients with the Veterinary Dental Instruments Concave 1.3 mm Canine Deciduous Luxator Elevator.

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White Stone & Honing Oil Pack

Genuine, natural Arkansas stones are the only stones in the world that polish your cutting edges as they sharpen. Choose this hard stone (about 550-grit) to create razor-sharp, highly polished edges; ideal for gravers, knives and other cutting tools.

This premium honing oil ensures a smooth grinding movement on the stone, resulting in a superior sharp edge. The highly refined, mineral based oil decreases sharpening time by moving the debris to the surface of the oil and away from the sharpening action. Honing oil reduces frictional heat and protects the surface of the stone increasing its life. Oil is non-toxic.


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(All Instruments are three years guaranteed) Guarantee is void due to the user's negligence or improper use and care. Normal wear and tear is not covered under our product Guarantee.

Each instrument must be inspected, cleaned and sterilized before surgical use on patient.