Image of Veterinary Dental Instruments #12 Fluted Bur (5 Pack)

Veterinary Dental Instruments #12 Fluted Bur (5 Pack)

Introducing the must-have tool for every veterinary dentistry practice: the Veterinary Dental Instruments #12 Fluted Bur (5 Pack). Crafted from the highest-quality German stainless steel, these dental burs are designed to provide precision and durability for all your veterinary dental procedures.

Whether you're performing gingival contouring after scalpel, electrosurgical, or laser excision or tackling excessive gingival overgrowth and gingival hyperplasia, these #12 fluted burs are up to the task. They're especially useful for treating common dental issues in breeds like Boxers, Great Danes, Collies, Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Bassett Hounds, Pit Bull Terriers, and other dogs and cats prone to gingival problems.

Invest in the best for your veterinary practice and your patients. The Veterinary Dental Instruments #12 Fluted Bur (5 Pack) comes with a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, ensuring you can trust in their quality and longevity. If any issues arise during normal use, we'll gladly repair or replace them - so you can focus on providing the highest standard of oral care to your furry clients.

Elevate your veterinary dentistry game with the Veterinary Dental Instruments #12 Fluted Bur (5 Pack) - the ultimate tool for precise, effective, and efficient dental treatments in dogs and cats.

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