Veterinary Dental Instruments #2 Round Carbide Bur (10 Pack) 

Veterinary Dental Instruments #2 Round Carbide Bur (10 Pack) is made of the highest quality carbide steel. This bur can be used in dogs and larger cats in areas where there is thinner vestibular bone or close proximity to adjacent teeth where a thin layer of vestibular bone is needing to be removed to aid root exposure for surgical extraction. This smaller round bur can also be used to create a moat around larger root tips to facilitate complete root tip extraction.

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Stainless Steel Instruments

All surgical instruments are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchases. We will gladly repair or replace defective surgical instruments, provided that the instrument is not use in a manner other than intended surgical purpose.

  • All surgical instruments are manufactured using the highest quality German stainless steel.

  • Each instrument and inspected by skilled artisans and are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

  • Tungsten carbide instruments are included except for jaw inserts and Gold handles by a separate warranty: