Hemablock 5 Packets for Hemostasis in Veterinary Dentistry

Hemablock Hemostatic Powder is the ideal solution for veterinarians who need to stop bleeding quickly during dental procedures in dogs and cats. This safe, plant-based powder comes in a convenient 10cm tube with a desiccant cap, making it easy to apply directly to surgical sites or dental extractions for fast-acting hemostasis.

Unlike gel foams used in animal medicine, Hemablock is clinically proven not to increase the risk of granulomas or infections when used as directed. The powder sachet fits inside a pre-filled applicator that allows precise placement to stop bleeding in seconds.

Perfect for managing haemorrhage in routine dental cleanings and more complex oral surgeries, Hemablock absorbs into extraction sites within days. This green product contains no animal byproducts, making it the veterinary dentist's trusted ally in maintaining patient safety during dental care.

five packets per box. For animal use only. Please see Dr Bretts' video for more on the application and mechanism of action in a patient with a palatal mass biopsy.

Download PDF Instructions

Note: HemaBlock is only shipped inside of the United States.

HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder stops bleeding fast. Put the powder on and apply pressure, it’s that easy.

This application of HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder comes in a 10cm tube (~3cm diameter). Has a tamper-evident seal and desiccant cap to maintain sterility and prevent buildup of moisture. Inside is a foil sachet that contains the powder.

A safe hemostatic powder that is cost-effective enough to be able to use it everyday situations where bleeding is a problem. Perfect for large wound areas or for making your own syringes.

The Pre-Filled Applicator allows direct introduction of the powder into the canal or defect that applies direct pressure to quickly stop the to generate fast-acting hemostasis.

The general practice can also utilize this for non-dental, sterile, surgical procedures like abdominal procedures. In both instances, HemaBlock can be left at the site. Because it is plant-based, unlike gel foams from animal gelatins, it will be safely absorbed within a few days.

HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder is green. You don’t need to use animal byproducts to stop bleeding in animals. It is clinically-proven not to increase the risk of granulomas or infection, unlike typical gel foam products (PDF).

Please see Dr Bretts video for further information on application and mechanism of action in veterinary dentistry in a patient with a palatal mass biopsy.