Veterinary Cordless Surgical LED Loupe Headlamp

The Veterinary Cordless Surgical Headlamp cordless LED is a lithium-ion battery and charger contains 2 batteries so you are never without a fresh charge. Super light and clip on this veterinary headlight has 4 settings providing 70,000 lumens and 3 hours of working time on the highest setting.

Clip-On Headlamp Weighs: 21g.

Clips on Easily to All Custom Headloupe Frames.

(Not for Flip-Up Loupes)

Warranty Coverage:

Dr.Brett’sPets offers the highest quality lifetime warranty in the industry. We back our products with a warranty that covers all manufacturer defects for life. Casual wear and tear and deliberate damage are not covered by this warranty and Dr.Brett’sPets reserves the right to cancel the warranty at any time.