Chip air, drive air, & water are required in order to use this handpiece. If you are unsure, please email us at & we will find out which handpiece works best with your dental unit.


Veterinary Dental High Speed Hand Piece Drill with LED & Swivel Handpiece

- Compatible with all Highspeed Delivery Systems -

The Veterinary Dental High Speed Hand Piece Drill with LED and Swivel Handpiece Airlight PLUS is one of the most powerful air-driven handpieces on the market, with up to 25 watts of torque.  The LED is brighter and casts a larger field of light than any fiber optic handpiece on the market.  The swivel handpiece allows for easy manipulation for the multiple positions required in veterinary dentistry.

Our turbines include a 1 year warranty

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Highspeed Handpiece Daily Care

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Compatible with All Veterinary High Speed Systems

Veterinary Dental High Speed Hand Piece with LED

Dr. Bretts Pets is proud to be the sole US distributor for this incredible handpiece. Especially effective at lighting your way to more efficient and precise veterinary dental oral procedures in general practice. 1/2 the price of other high quality fiberoptic handpieces with significantly more intensity and reach diameter. I currently use this as my sole handpiece every day in practice.

Triple Water Spray

Effectively cools the entire surface of the bur to avoid overheating, which provides higher patient comfort.

Titanium Body

The titanium surface enhancement technology creates a beautiful micro-textured and scratch-proof surface, reducing the possibility of slippage during operation.


An innovative micro-generator that produces electricity for the LED has been built into the handpiece. It eliminates the need for a fiber optic system.


The LED is optimally positioned on the face of the handpiece to provide a larger light pattern than a traditional fiber optic system.


Compatible with a great variety of coupling systems and adapts well to every existing treatment unit.

Ceramic Ball Bearings

Specially designed for smooth and quiet operation. It also provides superior torque and a long lifespan.

Limited Warranty

Beyes Dental Canada hereby warrants against defect in material and workmanship that for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, this product will perform satisfactory under normal use and service. No warranty claim can be inferred here, as wear may occur earlier or later than indicated above depending on use, frequency of sterilization and frequency of maintenance. Beyes shall under no circumstances be liable incidental for incidental or consequential damages or damage due to improper use or maintenance.

This Warranty is subject to the following conditions. Beyess will, without charge repair or replace (at Beyes sole discretion) any defective part/s covered in this warranty. If the conditions are met, the defective item must be returned to an authorized Beyes service center or distributor. Accompanied by the original invoice or packing list. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.
*This device is not field repairable * All brands are holders of their respective trademarks.

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